Monday, July 21, 2008

The Singapore - Western Australia Network (EVENT)

Good 'evening' Ladies and Gentlemen... after you folks have watched "The Dark Knight"... Please consider coming to an exclusive Singaporean movie screening brought to you by SWAN.

The Singapore - Western Australia Network or (SWAN) will be screening a one-hour Singapore-made movie titled ‘Invisible City’ on Sunday 10 August 2008, 3 – 5pm at the Astor Cinema, Mount Lawley. The cost is $10 per head.

This event also marks Singapore’s 43rd National Day falling on 9 August 2008.

INVISIBLE CITY – ‘Tender and thoughtful’ – Reuters international news agency.

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The Director of ‘Invisible City’ is 38 year-old Singaporean Ms Tan Pin Pin, the acclaimed director of ‘Singapore Gaga’ , declared the Straits Times’ Best Film of the Year in 2006. (Pin Pin is also known for her animated 3-minute film on Barbie Doll fantasies ‘Lurve Me Now’ (1999), banned in Singapore for its sexual content!).

‘Invisible City’, premiered at South Korea’s Pusan Film Festival in October 2006, and in July 2007 enjoyed a 7-week sell-out run in Singapore. The movie has also screened at the Berlinale and Cinema du Reel film festivals in Europe. It is supported by the Pusan International Film Festival, the Asian Network of Documentary fund, Singapore Film Commission, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and Institute of Policy Studies (Singapore), Naresh Mahtani, and Mindwasabi. The movie budget was US$100,000 and the film took 9 months to complete.

Pin Pin has a fine eye for the ‘forgotten people’ of an ‘invisible’ Singapore. In ‘Invisible City’ she creates a collage of interviews with people who are nurturing long lost memories of Singapore, each in their own very different way. The interviews are interspersed with never-before-seen footage and photos of Singapore. Pin Pin seeks out photographers, journalists, film directors and archaeologists – people who are looking for their own version of Singapore. As Pin Pin herself says, “Invisible City documents the fight against the passing of time and the atrophy of memory.” In the movie, you see a City that could have been.

Come to ‘Invisible City’ , recapture the Singapore you hardly know, and meet, among others,

· Lim Chen Sian, the ‘Indiana Jones’ of Singapore, archaeologist extraordinaire,

· Guo Ren Huey, veteran of the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Force jungle guerrillas of World War II, after which he worked for Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) (roughly the equivalent of ASIO in Australia),

· Han Tan Juan, Lianhe Zaobao newspaper editor and former student activist, whose political activity led to his citizenship being revoked in the 1960s,

· Dr Marjorie Topley, Ethnographer at Singapore’s Raffles Museum, expert on Chinese secret religious sects and ‘ghost marriages’,

· Isumi Ogura, Asahi Shimbun journalist formerly based in Singapore,

· Ivan Polunin, Singapore’s own ‘David Attenborough’, botanist, film-maker and expert on social medicine.


Event: Invicible City - The Singapore Movie
"A special screening on National Day weekend"
What: Performance
Host: Singapore West Australian Network (SWAN)
When: Sunday, July 13 at 2:00pm
Where: Astor Cinema

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